From  2nd to 8th October 2015 was dedicated to TVET as a TVET week by the Ministry of Education. Among the activities scheduled in that week were: TVET Expo by TVET Skills Development providers and the members of PSF secondly Site visit of TVET and TVET related activities from 3-7/10/2015 thirdly a Symposium on TVET Skills development and lastly African Ministerial conference on TVET Skills development on 8th October 2015.               

The TVET Expo was held at Gikondo Expo Ground (KIGALI) and it was   about the competition of innovations from schools. Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) exhibited 9 projects and some of them are:

-          Automatic irrigation system based on soil moisture.

-          Fire alarm signal transmission from fire outbreak point to police fire fighting station and property owner’s cell phone.

-          Automatic on-off air conditioning system based on temperature.

The above mentioned projects attracted the attention of the attendants which consequently ended up by enabling GIP to 

emerge the 2nd best exhibitor among the TVET Skills Development Providers in Rwanda

Eng. Nicolas KALISA, The Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Training urged the staff to share with the community their projects as well as keeping up the innovation spirit especially the students so that they contribute fully in solving the community problems


                     GIP Students celebrating the trophy


        Eng. Nicolas KALISA, Vice principal in charge of Academics and Training


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