Mr. GAKWAYA  Samuel, a year three   student in  Mechanical  Engineering department at Gishari Integrated  Polytechnic emerged the fourth  on the  continent in the African Association of Public Management(AAPAM) competition  for innovative management  held in El Jadida, a town in the kingdom of Morocco from 6th -10th  november 2017. Mr. Gakwaya has reached the final stage after winning the competition at the national level with his project entitled ’’Extraction of banana fibers”. 


Gakwaya Samuel, a student from GIP who emerged the fourth in AAPAM competition in El Jadida, Morocco.


Via this project he has managed to produce sanitary pads used by ladies from the banana fibers.       Gakwaya has been invited and financed by

AAPAM to compete in the above mentioned kingdom .This continental competition stage of selecting the winner was made up of an interview in which the jury has interviewed all the contestants at the venue of the 38th AAPAM roundtable conference held in El Jadida, each one getting 10 minutes power point or video presentation of the innovation followed by 10 to 15 minutes of questions by the jury. This jury was due to start on Sunday 5 November 2017 beginning at 10:00 am.

In the second stage, finalists made 10 minutes power point or video presentation of the innovation to the entire conference in a plenary session in the afternoon of Wednesday 8 November 2017. In this competition five first winners were awarded; the first received a gold medal, the silver and the bronze medals for the second and the third respectively. The fourth (Gakwaya) and the fifth received trophies.

This competition was attended by a hundred projects from the initial stages but only five projects reached the final stage in El Jadida with two projects coming from Rwanda including the “Extraction of banana fibers” by Samuel GAKWAYA from Gishari Integrated Polytechnic.  


More photos of Gakwaya in El Jadida, Morocco.




Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) has dedicated every Wednesday from 3:00 to 5:00pm to public lectures for its staff and students whereby experts, academicians, successful entrepreneurs etc, are invited to deliver the lectures. It is in that perspective that on wednesday 8th November 2017, Mr. KANGWAGYE Justus Head of Political Parties & CSOs Department at Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), delivered a lecture entitled ”Democracy and Community involvement in National decisions”

After welcoming remarks by the Acting Principal of GIP SP David KABUYE, Mr. KANGWAGYE whom has also served the maximum of two 5 year terms as the Mayor of Rulindo District started by defining the term democracy.



              Mr.KANGWAGYE Justus delivering the lecture.

Mr. KANGWAGYE quoted the famous United States President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) who defined democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people. Democracy has been explained by the speaker as a form of government in which people’s participation is of primary importance. Basic elements of democracy have also been clarified among them:

  • A political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair election.
  • The active participation of the people as citizens in politics and civic life.
  • A rule of law in which procedures apply equally to all citizens.


The Ag Vice Principal Academics and Trainings Eng. Theodore HABIMA (left) and the Ag Principal SP David KABUYE Following the lecture.

Mr. Kangwagye highlighted the Rwandan consensual democratic model which puts forward inclusiveness, imperative constitutional power sharing to mention but a few.

The Rwanda’s strategic choices were also underlined whereby his Excellency Paul Kagame, architect of Rwanda’s transformational agenda talked about the three fundamental choices of Rwandans which are   namely: Unity, accountability and thinking big.

The lecture also touched the social democratic developmental state in social welfare whereby one million people got uplifted from poverty in the last five years, Girinka, Ubudehe, the reduction of extreme poverty and the universal access to education.


                  Staff members and students were eager to learn from the lecture.

Concerning the good governance and democracy, people centered government and development in which the rule of law, transparency and responsiveness are core values. Kangwagye explained good governance and justice as foundational pillars for equitable and sustainable national development, dignity (Agaciro), foreign policy and international relations whereby the number of embassies doubled as well as a remarkable increase of international events hosted in Rwanda.

To explain the above mentioned pillars, Mr. Kangwagye has used a balance of rights and obligations explaining clearly how both parts have to be taken into account especially the part of obligations which is sometimes given less value by some people. Explaining how Rwanda has opted to think big and works as a dignified country, the speaker used the example of Rwanda the global best reformer in doing business report 2017 as published by “The ease of doing business report” by the World Bank being far above the average of Africa.



                  Mr. KANGWAGYE Justus using a power point presentation during the lecture

Education to invest in human capital for a knowledge based economy, healthy citizens as a key for a prosperous nation have also been talked about.

The lecture winded up highlighting community involvement in national decisions. Rwanda has been described as a country that values the citizen participation in decision making and good service delivery as prerequisites for good governance. The satisfaction of citizen participation in decision making and good service delivery as prerequisites for good governance. The satisfaction of citizen participation has been exemplified by RGB citizen report card 2016.The satisfaction of the Rwandans towards the service of the army and the Rwanda National Police has been 99% and 97% respectively as per above mentioned report. The staff and students got an opportunity to ask questions which have been answered all.

In a way of promoting Entrepreneurship, Rwanda as a country has organised the young entrepreneurs’ competition in order to help them show their business Project potential. It is in that manner therefore, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic participated in that competition that took place at Rwamagana District AVEGA site on 24/10/2017 where other young Entrepreneurs from different fields were met. The purpose of the competition was to select the best young entrepreneur on provincial (eastern) level.

Upon the arrival of the Guests of honour, they toured different stands to see Projects presented by different young Entrepreneurs who explained their project to the guests of honour.




Photos of Some of GIP students (Emmy from left, and Esther the second from left) presenting their own made products


In his speech, the Mayor of Rwamagana District said that the youth have got their Ministry and this is a chance for them to show their Projects and opinions. He also promised them any assistance and encouragement in every good Project they will need to do.





Above: Attendants take a look at some of the products made by a GIP student



One of GIP students (Esther) explains to the guests of honour about her own made products




GIP students explain to the guests of honour about an Innovative product used in spray of agricultural medicine to plants


The permanent Secretary in the Ministry of youth explained to them what youthconnekt Awards (YCA) is. He said that the youth connekt is a Rwanda program in charge of supporting young entrepreneurs in order to promote their Project or Business that they have started, and he also said  that competition began on sector level, then at the district level, and then at Provincial level. He also said that it will continue up to National level on 13/12/2017 for the best young entrepreneur selected at Provincial level.


At provincial level, the following youth were the competitors


1. MASABO Jean Luc from NGOMA District


2. ICYEZA Marie Gorette Ester from GIP/RWAMAGANA District


3. ISHIMWE Yvette from Mukarange/Kayonza district                                                                                                    


The Panel Members in charge of selection introduced each of the three young Entrepreneurs by asking some questions based on presentation of their Projects.


Some of the criteria for choosing the best entrepreneur were innovation of business or Project job opportunity created by his/her Project/Business, how his/her project will develop, business plan, significance of project/business to him, region and country, location of project and impact of the Project to the environment.


Then after the Panel Members took few minutes of judging in order to select who is the first, second and third at the province level among the three competitors.


The first young Entrepreneur at Provincial level selected was MASABO Jean Luc with 85.3%, the second was ICYEZA Marie Gorette Esther (GIP student) and the third was ISHIMWE Yvette .

In the closure of the Session, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth told the young Entrepreneurs to work hard, have discipline and avoid prostitution in order to have a good life. 

In Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP), there occurred a public lecture on construction materials testing by a team from Controls Group-UK and ECMN ltd-Controls group agent in Rwanda. The team was led by Mr. David ROLFE (Technical Manager-Controls Group) who has forty years of experience in construction Materials Testing and Mr. Saens HATEGEKIMANA - Technical Manager based in Rwanda representing Controls for the past12 years.


The photo of  Mr. David Rolfe, Technical Manager Controls Group-UK introducing himself.

The foresaid occasion started from 02:30 p.m up to 5: 30 p.m and it was attended by all Civil Engineering students and teaching staff. Mr. David ROLFE started his lecture by introducing himself to the participants and talking about the company and their representative worldwide especially  in Rwanda where this company is represented by ECMN. He remarked that Controls group is the global leader in the production of Testing Equipment for the construction industry with more than 4.000 products in three business units. With headquarters in Milan (Italy), seven affiliates and more than 100 dealers and distributors around the world, we are close to our clients offering local service and expertise.

He explained the reason why we do Test of Construction Materials as to ensure Quality control, Education, Financial Outlay, Product/materials design and continuous Research.


Mr. David Rolfe’s Presentation showing Illustrations why it is crucial to test construction materials

He further explained how Soil & Rock, Aggregates & Sand, Concrete fresh & Hardened, Cement, Steel Re- Bar, Bitumen and Asphalt are tested by highlighting on the current Tests in common use covering principals and basic methods for the following materials.


 Soil and Rocks

The Presenter explained about some of specific tests for soil and rock such as: Drying, weighing and grading

-Soil Classification

- Soil Mechanics

- Compacted Road Base and Sub base soils.

About soil classification he explained about tests that are used which are Particle size (sieve analysis and Hydrometer analysis tests), Liquid limit and Plastic Limit, Chemical composition and Field tests

 About soil Mechanics he explained about tests that are use which are Consolidation, Shear and Triaxle and about Roads he explained about the following tests which are CBR ( California Bearing Ration), Bitumen and Asphalt testing where we test Penetration, Softening point, Viscosity, Flash point and Ductility.

The presenter finally concluded by introducing new methods/techniques/trends of tests that are to be adopted in future where he explained about those new construction materials testing methods especially on the materials like Concrete  where he explained about new method to be adopted in testing concrete which is called Concrete Fiber Reinforced Testing where Fibers are mixed  in concrete and reinforcement steel bars and  Soil  where he explained that new method to be adopted in testing soil is dynamic testing where the force due to vibration or dynamic movement have to be considered and tested regularl


New concrete production which requires new testing techniques as presented.

In closure of the session, the presenter provided the time for questions to the attendants and they asked different questions related to the training that was given. One of the attendants asked a question about relationship between controls group and universities, Mr. David Rolfe explained that there exists a working relationship which is mainly based on training that is offered concerning the tools and equipment used in construction materials testing.


Participants from Civil engineering Department concentrated during the lecture


The Ag Principal of GIP, SP David KABUYE was also interested in the presentation.

The Head of Civil Engineering department Mr. Fred SHEMA on behalf of department in conclusion thanked the Presenter stating that it was a noble and expedient lecture on construction materials testing which added a wealth of knowledge on construction materials testing and contributed greatly to the construction industry at large in RWANDA.

This 06th October 2017, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) officially closes the induction week (Icyumweru cy’intore mu zindi) of Intagamburuzwa IV. This induction week has started on 02nd October 2017 and has concerned a total number of 327 among them 36 ladies and 291 gentlemen.


Intagamburuzwa IV in the official closure of induction week.

Induction is a national program in all the institutions of higher learning in Rwanda whereby the new students other students in higher learning institutions (Intagamburuzwa).

The theme for Intagamburuzwa IV is as follows: “Accountable, Self reliant; the graduate we want”. This ceremony is attended by the representative of the Ministry of Education as the guest of honor, the deputy commandant of Gishari Police Training School, the Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Trainings representing the Principal, the Vice Principal in charge of Administration and Finance, the Executive secretary of Gishari Sector, GIP staff among others.

In his welcoming remarks, the Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Trainings Eng. Theodore HABIMANA expresses GIP gratitude towards the National Itorero Commission, Rwamagana district, Gishari Police Training School for a fruitful collaboration especially in the organization of the induction week.



Eng.Theodore HABIMANA the Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Training welcoming the guest of honor and others.

Intagamburuzwa demonstrate the different skills acquired in their one week training including the parade,Karate, acrobatic exercises and the audience are amazed with their skills especially the parade given the short time of training.


The parade of Intagamburuzwa IV

Intagamburuzwa III have presented the achievements in the performance contract (2016-2017) whereby all the planned activities have been achieved at more than 92%.


Intagamburuzwa IV Presenting their achievements to the guest of honor

Intagamburuzwa IV also get an opportunity to sign the performance contract for the 2017-2018 academic year, with the representative of the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) who is also the guest of honor.


The guest of honor signing the performance of contract of Intagamburuzwa IV

The ceremony is also entertained by GIP cultural troop selected from Intagamburuzwa IV.


Cultural troop selected from Intagamburuzwa IV

In his remarks, the representative of MINEDUC and the guest of honor appreciates the collaboration between GIP and different institutions including the local administrative authorities up to the sector level. He also expresses his satisfaction on different skills demonstrated by Intagamburuzwa IV.


       The representative of MINEDUC who is also the guest of honor.

The guest of honor is impressed by an innovation for Intagamburuzwa III who is now producing the sanitary pads from the banana leaves.

The Guest of honor also highlights the objectives of Intagamburuzwa among them Patriotism, love of labour, self reliance etc.

He advises Intagamburuzwa IV to take as a model their counterparts (Intagamburuzwa III)to be able to achieve the activities as stipulated in their contract of performance at the highest percentage possible. The ceremony winds up by taking a group photo followed by a cocktail.


Group photo

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