On this 10th January 2018 GIP receives ACP Dismas RUTAGANIRA to deliver a public lecture on Abuse of Drugs as a hindrance to Productive Youth”The Guest of Honor was welcomed by the GIP Ag.Principal (SP.David KABUYE) and the Vice Principal in Charge of Academics & Training (Eng. Theodore HABIMANA)


ACP Dismas RUTAGANIRA delivering the lecture.

At the eve of his presentation, the presenter defined Drugs and retaliated on the different types of drugs, he informed the participants about different ways of drug consumption including Eating, Breathing, Smelling, injection etc…

He also briefed GIP students about a number of lame reasons given by Youth as to why they take drugs. Some of the reasons as presented by the RPC include looking for self esteem, ignorance, and others which he mentioned should not be reasons pushing Youth into dangerous drugs.

Participants (GIP Students) were also reminded of the consequences accruing from drug consumption that lowers Youth productivity. Among other consequences the major ones include Gender Based Violence (GBV), Emergency of street children and Assault.

The presenter concluded his lecture showing methods/strategies laid down by the RNP and the government of Rwanda in general to reduce drug sell and consumption. He finally urged the participants not to involve themselves in any acts relating to drug consumption or sell but to concentrate on their studies, become more innovative and creative for their better future and the future of their Country.

Students were given enough time to ask questions and the presenter satisfactory responded to the questions.


The Guest of Honor (C), Ag. Principal (L) and Ag. Vice Principal Academics and Training (R) responding to the students’ questions and comments after the presentation.


One of the students Asking questions about the presentation given by the guest of honor.


This Wednesday 20th December 2017, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) staff members and students were delighted to be lectured by one of the leading entrepreneur, Mr. Gerard SINA, the owner and Managing Director of Enterprise URWIBUTSO   one of the successful enterprise in the country .The lecture had as a theme “TVET, the journey to entrepreneurship and job creation” Mr. SINA was accompanied by four more people namely:

Mr. Vincent HATEGEKIMANA, School Manager of College Fondation SINA Gerard

Mr.Theophile HAKIZIMANA, in charge of Human Resource

Mr. Theogene NKUNDIMANA, Marketing Manager

Miss Julienne SINA an internee and his own sister that he is mentoring.

In his welcoming remarks, the Acting Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Training Eng. Theodore HABIMANA presented GIP as one of the 8 colleges of Rwanda Polytechnic, a government higher Learning institution in the area of TVET.


The Ag. Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Training Eng. Theodore HABIMANA welcoming the lecturer.

SINA Gerard started his presentation by greeting the attendees using the slogan originating from the Northern Province which is one of the ten principles  of Intore ”Mugire Ubukire” where they reply ‘Tubukoreye, Dufatanyije twese hamwe kandi vuba”.

M.r SINA explained that he owns a school known as “College Fondation SINA Gerard”. In his school they have different trades among them Agriculture and veterinary


From left, the Ag. Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Trainings at GIP, Mr.Gerard SINA owner and Managing Director of Enterprise URWIBUTSO   and Mr. Vincent HATEGEKIMANA, The School Manager of College Fondation SINA Gerard.

The students get an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical skills learnt in his own farm. He explained how he came up with the idea of putting in place a school so that he can contribute to the objective, of the government of helping people especially the youth to create their own jobs and become job providers instead of being job seekers. In his school they also have a Vocational Training where they provide short term trainings in construction, electricity, plumbing, carpentry just to mention a few.

Mr. SINA explained briefly to the staff members and students how he managed to achieve everything he has achieved so far whereby he said he started with agriculture when he was still young like most of the students who were present.

Basing on his experience of more than 30 years in business, he demonstrated how to achieve anything in business, one has to have an optimistic view because; pessimism doesn’t help in building the future. To better illustrate this Mr. SINA used the example related to Mechanical Engineering whereby the windscreen is larger than the side mirror views because the driver has to concentrate more on controlling the space in front than the one behind.

Mr. SINA used the opportunity to ask the students what they think his enterprise should improve and revealed them the secret he has used to reach where he is now and the secret is nothing other than serving the client beyond his or her expectation.

The lecturer of the day also gave an opportunity to the students to ask him freely whatever they want especially welcoming the questions about where to start from reiterating that those who are optimistic will manage.

Mr. SINA also talked about his products among them Agashya (Juice), Akandi (Mineral water), Akarusho (beer), Akabanga (Pepper), Akacu (ketch up), Akanoze (Mixed Flour), Akaryoshye (Yoghurt) etc.

One of the students of GIP has given a suggestion of organizing a competition of projects amongst graduates countrywide. This competition will help to detect new talents whereby the owner of the project which emerges the first is also given a job at the Enterprise ,to keep on raising the turnover. This student called Ahmed TWAGIRAMUNGU has given his identification so that he can go and design that project and become its Director at Urwibutso enterprise.

Another student who also asked why he has not developed the business of making shoes was also requested to develop the project and submit it to him and once the profitability is clear he will also get the job of managing that project.


Mr.SINA delivering the lecture.

Mr. SINA has also advised people to think of different innovations giving as an example how he has been the first to own a farm of dogs where one puppy is sold at 300,000 thousand Rwandan francs. He has also said that he decided to put in place a school looking for value addition of what he does.

The final part has been that of awarding the best performers in all the students in the academic year 2016-2017.This activity is organized by the students Guild Council. Bienvenu MUGISHA a year two student in Civil Engineering department has been awarded as the best male performer and Valentine MUKAMURENZI a year three student in the same department as the best female. The best performers received each an envelope of 10 thousand Rwandan francs, a bottle of Akabanga (pepper) and a bottle of AGASHYA (Juice from Urwibutso Enterprise).


Mr. Gerard SINA handing the award to MIGISHA Bienvenue, the male best performer in academic year 2016-2017


Eng. Theodore HABIMANA handing the award to Miss Valentine MUKAMURENZI ,the best female performer in all the female students academic year 2016-2017.




On Friday 8th December 2017, Year One and Year Three students in all departments and all options at Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) were given 644 laptops which had arrived the previous day from the Rwanda Education Board. This activity was conducted in GIP by the REB representative who is also Director of School infrastructure and support,  Mr Seth BUHIGIRO and GIP top managers.



Mr Seth BUHIGIRO, REB representative (R), SP David KABUYE, Principal of GIP (C), and Mr Theodore HABIMANA, Vice Principal for Academics and Training (L) presiding the process of handing out laptops to students


The reporter was curious about Year Two students who were left behind, and he was informed that those students received the laptops a year before, when they were still in Year One.


GIP students queueing up to receive laptops


Year 3 students receiving laptops with great delight


These laptops marked POSITIVO  BGH, Proudly Made in Africa, were offered as part of the loan which will be paid by the students at the end of their studies. The laptops are valued 264 US dollars each, and students in order to get them had to sign beforehand the “CONTRACT BETWEEN A STUDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF RWANDA (UR) AND  RWANDA EDUCATION BOARD (REB) CONCERNING RECEPTION OF LAPTOP,”  one clause of which stipulates that at the time of refund, the cost of the laptop shall be coverted in Rwandan currency according to the dollar exchange rate of the day.  



Students filling the contract form and anxiously awaiting the laptops


In addition to the contract form signed by the student and approved by the REB representatives, a student had also to provide copies of his/her national ID and student ID cards which were attached to the contract. In order to help identify and distinguish every single laptop and its owner, each  laptop’s  serial number was clearly written down in the contract.


GIP and REB Staff guiding students to fill in contract forms and to write down laptops’ serial numbers


Having received the laptops, students were given their username and password as well, in order to be able to access them. Many students started using them at once, and some others, especially those in year 3, profiting GIP wireless connection, started thenceforth surfing google and other websites for research purposes. A year-three student in Electronics & Telecommunication named KWIZERA Janvier said “With my laptop reseach problems are over now, the academic stress is eased off!”



Kwizera Janvier, a student in Electronics & Telecommunication Technology (L) expressing his feeling about the laptop reception; year 3 students trying their machines about wireless connection (R)

Given the number of students who were to receive laptops, the process that was required, and the administering staff, the activity was postponed around 7.30 pm. Many were the students who went back home with the laptops but for those who did not, hmm, they had to wait until next Monday!



Students going back with laptops

This Wednesday 13th December 2017,a team from the National Centre for Blood Transfusion, Rwamagana branch met Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) staff and students in the conference hall of Gishari Police Training School (PTS) to donate blood. Police officers both commissioned and noncommissioned from Gishari Police Training School (PTS) also participated in the exercise.

This team was welcomed by the Acting Principal of GIP, SP David KABUYE.

Before starting to donate blood, TARIKA Jean Pierre, the blood donor mobilization and selection technician at National Centre for Blood Transfusion, Rwamagana branch explained the requirements for eligibility of a blood donor as well as the conditions that disqualify people from donating blood.


The Acting Principal of GIP, SP David KABUYE in Police uniform and the technician checking the blood pressure.

Mr. TARIKA explained how the National Centre for Blood Transfusion ensures the safety of blood donation for both donors and recipients whereby blood donors must be evaluated to determine their eligibility to give blood. All volunteer blood donors were given forms to fill to provide the necessary information on which they base their eligibility or disqualification.



Mr. Jean Pierre TARIKA, mobilization and selection technician from the National Centre for Blood Transfusion briefing the blood donors.

The technician also explained the donation frequency whereby a minimum of 56 days has to separate the two blood donations by one blood donor. 

Mr. TARIKA also talked about the different blood groups namely A, B, AB, o as well as Rhesus factor.

The conditions of disqualification have also been clarified whereby the following people are automatically disqualified from donating blood:

·        HIV/AIDS positive people as well as the ones with Hepatitis

·        Pregnant ladies, the ones in their monthly periods as well as recent child birth.

·        People under some medication among them antibiotics

Mr. TARIKA also clarified that donating blood doesn’t have to be an opportunity to get tested.


Justin KUBWIMANA, a student from GIP, asking for clarification before donating blood.


One Police officer from Gishari Police Training School donating blood.


GIP   staff and students donated blood.

On 06th   December 2017, delegates from the Business Development Fund delivered a lecture to Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) staff members and students.

This lecture which had as a topic “Youth Financial support and saving stimulation”, took place at Gishari Police Training School (PTS).

The two delegates Deo Bakinga internal audit Manager and Laundry Jabo, in charge of marketing at Business Development Fund.


From left two BDF delegates Mr. Laundry JABO and Mr. Deo BIKINGA and the Ag Vice Principal Academics and Trainings at GIP Eng. Theodore HABIMANA.

After a warm welcome by the Acting Vice Principal in charge of Academics and Trainings, Eng. Theodore Habimana the lecture automatically kicked off.

Mr. Bikinga started the lecture by a well known inspiring quote by Warren Buffet which says “Do not save what is left after spending but spend what is left after saving.”

He also said that 86% of the Rwandan populations try to save as per research done by the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.


Mr. Deo BIKINGA delivering the lecture.

Mr. Bikinga’s power point presentation explained clearly the products and services of BDF including:

Guarantees where BDF provides credit guarantees for liability for promising SMEs to tenders.

Grants aiming at encouraging SMEs and tenders to invest in specific sectors.

SACCO refinancing whereby BDF provides subsidized loans to SACCO for refinancing.

Quasi Equity financing consisting of a provision of a flexible hybrid financing product designed to address the industrial needs of SMEs.

Micro leasing: Whereby BDF provides hands on skills training and an environment for technical start up in integrated craft production center.

Advisory services whereby BDF provides business planning, costing strategies turnarounds and restructuring internal control.

Capacity building whereby BDF provides skills development and trainings to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Micro Finance Institutions (MIFs.)

Mr. Bakinga clarified the eligibility for all Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs), individuals, associations, cooperatives and companies to the guarantee when the total risk  coverage Is 50 to 75%´range of total risk on investment loans.


Students followed very attentively the lecture.

The lecture also highlighted the guaranteed amount whereby it goes up to 500 million in agriculture and non agriculture sectors.

On SACCO refinancing, Mr. Bikinga has emphasized the objectives of the product whereby it aims at:

  • Creating new jobs through facilitating graduates from TVET and apprentices to access finance to establish their small enterprises.
  • Support the entrepreneurship self job creation initiatives among graduates of TVET, short term vocational training and apprentices.

This BDF product has been viewed as the one which is more directed to the students of GIP as a TVET institution. The staff members and the students present got explanations on how this product has as an advantage of a grant component of 50% of the facility upon eligibility.

Before the lecture closes, staff members and students got an opportunity to ask questions and got clarifications. All the questions that have been asked have been answered by the lecturer helped by his colleague Mr. Laundry JABO.

In the closing remarks the Vice principal in charge of Academics and Trainings thanked the students for their attention and the active participation in the lecture. The Vice Principal has also given them an assignment as usual.

The public lecture started at 3:00 pm and ended at 5:00 pm.


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"People who are pursuing their education at different levels need to be taught technical skills and get internships to become competitive on job market. Young people should have a positive attitude towards TVET.”



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