This 29th March 2016 Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) hosted a 1 day training on fire fighting. This training was attended by INILAK students who are completing their studies in the faculty of Environmental studies, Department of Emergency and Disaster Management.


After a warm welcome by The Principal of Gishari Integrated Polytechnic, ACP Sam KAREMERA, they toured the institution visiting different workshops before starting the training.



The training was conducted by the Commissioner of Police Jean Baptiste SEMINEGA from the Fire and Rescue brigade of the Rwanda National Police. The students were very curious when following the presentation as they were eager to learn from the expertise and experience of the Fire and Rescue Brigade of the Rwanda National Police. The training focused on different key aspects of fire fighting including the definition, the classes of fire, fire resistance, the use of fire extinguishers and other equipments just to mention a few.


The purpose of the training was to raise the awareness of the trainees on Fire fighting as well as to teach them how to behave in case of fire outbreak. It was a good opportunity for the trainees to exercise themselves in fire fighting as The fire and rescue brigade had brought their modern equipments including a special vehicle that it uses


                                                                                              UNILAK students curiously observed fire fighting practice



On Friday afternoon 27 February 2015, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic organized a walk in protest against drugs addiction.

This walk, which had as an objective “to fight against drugs abuse and to shape our future through sports” started at GIP ground at 2.30 p.m,

headed for Rwamagana District, and ended exactly in Kigabiro sector playground, where the communities of 2 institutions,

GIP and of Ecole Islamique, were gathered listening to the messages of the day.


Among the speakers of the day were Kigabiro Sector Executive secretary, RUSHIMISHA Marc,

who offered a word of welcome to the speakers and the whole congregation; a drugs abuser, MUKIZA Eric,

who gave a testimony about his drug abuse and how the government of Rwanda helped him to give up; the Ag. Principal of GIP,

ACP Sam KAREMERA who was also a delegate of the police in this ceremony, and the Vice Mayor in charge of Finance in Rwamagana District,

MUDAHERANWA Regis, who was the Guest of Honor of the day.

Apart from speeches, there were other important communications through songs, dances, and a very impressive and inspirational poem against

drug abuse presented by Jean d’Amour NIYITANGA, a student in Construction & Irrigation Technology at GIP.





MUKIZA Eric, one of the young people who were present at the ceremony, gave a testimony of his drug abuse.

He said he indulged into taking drugs at the age of 5, after losing both his parents. “I considered myself good-for-nothing and my life useless,

that’s why I indulged into cannabis, tobacco, and different other forms of drugs,” he said, “however I didn't use nicotine, or other expensive drugs,

because they required much money which I didn't have.” He ended giving thanks to the government of Rwanda that rehabilitated him

and trained him to become a professional mason at IWAWA training center. “Now I am proud of being Rwandan young man like you,

he said, capable of buying for myself anything, any clothes I need.”




Speaking at the ceremony, the Ag. Principal of Gishari Integrated Polytechnic, who was also a delegate of the National Police,

ACP Sam KAREMERA, sensitized the whole community to protest against different kinds of drugs and to help the police and the local administration

to locate the whereabouts of drugs and nonstandard alcohols. He mentioned that drug addiction is a lethal weapon used by racketeers

to corrupt and disqualify the youth, especially through young ladies trafficking which has become a horrible business nowadays.


When his time came, the Vice Mayor in Charge of Finance in Rwamagana District, who was also the Guest of Honor,said the youth of Rwanda is measured not in terms of age

(from one level to another) but in terms of their production.He said, “The youth are all of the people capable of producing.

If the people of Rwanda below 50 are all drug addicted and thus unable to produce for their development and the development of the country in general, automatically there is no youth in Rwanda.”


At the end of the different messages given at this ceremony against drug abuse, there was a friendly football match of GIP versus Rwamagana Football Club, where Rwamagana FC won the match beating GIP 2 goals to 1. However, GIP Football Team was not discouraged. They said the more they are supported and cared for by the school, the more the will go winning.







"People who are pursuing their education at different levels need to be taught technical skills and get internships to become competitive on job market. Young people should have a positive attitude towards TVET.”



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