This 24th May, 2017, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) students receive positivo laptops on loan. These laptops are given to 180 government sponsored students in year one .The Positivo laptops are distributed to students in public universities and higher learning institutions in Rwanda in the program dubbed “One laptop per student”. This is a program put in place by the government of Rwanda as a supplement to the already existing “One laptop per child” that distributes laptops to primary pupils in Rwanda. The two programs aim at improving the quality of Education in Rwanda, to help the country move from an agricultural to knowledge based economy as stipulated in the vision 2020.

The programs that distribute the laptops to learners are implemented by the Ministry of Education through Rwanda Education Board (REB). In the public universities and higher learning institutions in Rwanda, the students get the laptops made in Rwanda as a way to boost the


                  Brand new Positivo laptops before distribution.

local firms in Made in Rwanda campaign. The students who receive the Positivo laptops sign a contract with REB. Each laptop is a loan worth 264 US dollars. The loan will be recovered through an additional contract that will be signed between the recipient and the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD). The loan will be paid basing on the exchange rates of the time of the payment as published by the National Bank of Rwanda.

This program is not compulsory as it concerns students who don’t have their own laptops and have the will of owning one.

Mrs. Beata MUREBWAYIRE RUTABANA, the Director of student Affairs at GIP, expresses her gratitude towards the program and calls on students to use the properly so that they can help increase their performance in class. She also advises them to take advantage of those laptops in order to become competitive in this globalised world.

The recipients thank the good spearheaded by his excellency Paul Kagame, the president of the Republic of Rwanda, who tirelessly works for the wellbeing of all Rwandans. The recipients also pledged to use them in order to get skills that will help them contribute to finding the solutions to the problems faced by the country.

Mrs. Immaculee BENIMANA, REB representative reminds the students to take care of the laptops and use them adequately as it is a loan that they will pay back in the future.



          Students enjoying the wireless connection after getting the laptops




Students following the lecturing videos online.


"People who are pursuing their education at different levels need to be taught technical skills and get internships to become competitive on job market. Young people should have a positive attitude towards TVET.”



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