Mini project is an initiative by Academic staff of Gishari Integrated Polytechnic, to enhance the innovative and creative spirits of students. The mini projects also prepare them to become entrepreneurs after their studies and to solve daily problems in their living environments. These mini projects are done each semester, either in groups or individually. At the end of the semester, students present their physical model and reports in front of their teachers. The students are graded based on:

  • Their presentation skills
  • The content of their reports
  • The implementation of their mini projects
  • The ability to sell their ideas to potential investors
  • The ease of use of their mini project
  • The improvement to the existing


On Tuesday 05th May 2017 First year students in Mechanical Engineering at Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) presented their mini projects in front of the panel comprised by their Assistant lecturers and Instructors.



       A group of first year MEE students presenting their mini project “Portable Biogas Plant”


Below is the list of mini projects presented by the students:

  • Simple air compressor
  • Multi supply seeds machine
  • Cement sprayer machine
  • Improved axle stands
  • Mechanical hand blender
  • Rain sensor
  • Vehicle with electrical power plant
  • Electric air compressor
  • Economic bathroom water heater
  • Electric home bell
  • Engine pressurized sprayer pump
  • Portable biogas Plant


Among the above projects, two were selected as the most prominent ones. These are Engine pressurized sprayer pump and the Portable biogas plant.

The engine pressurized sprayer pump can be used by farmers in order to fight against insects that attack crops. It can also be used by sanitation authorities to spray homes to protect the population against malaria and other diseases carried by insects. The sprayer pump has five main parts: engine, turbine, water and additives assembly, sprayer, and system stands. The turbine is driven by the engine crankshaft. The main function of the turbine is to deliver water to the sprayer at high pressure. This project is marketable idea although it still needs some improvements.


Engine pressurized sprayer pump, another mini project presented.

The Portable biogas Plant is a project that aims at reducing the cost of biogas systems. Its main advantage is that it is easily movable in case people want to move from one place to another Even though it still has some challenges this project would be helpful if improved. The main challenge that this project faces is how to keep the temperature constant in order to keep the retention time short. Another one is the security since it will be installed on the surface.




         Portable Biogas Plant

The projects presented and others done by the students, they are very important for both students and the country as well. Most of the time such projects are presented in expo and they can be useful to the society. 


"People who are pursuing their education at different levels need to be taught technical skills and get internships to become competitive on job market. Young people should have a positive attitude towards TVET.”



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