On this 06th May 2017, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic commemorates the 1994 genocide perpetrated   against the Tutsis. The commemoration activities starts by a walk to remember from Gishari Police Training School to Gishari Genocide Memorial .


Walk to remember

 The Principal of GIP, ACP Damas GATARE,Governor of the Eastern Province Mrs. Judith KAZAYIRE, the Mayor of RWAMAGANA District Mr Radjab MBONYUMUVUNYI and the Executive Secretary CNLG Dr. Jean Damascene BIZIMANA.


At Gishari Genocide Memorial, the ceremony starts by taking a minute of silence for remembrance and then prayer lead by the Clergy (Bishop Inchi MATATA and the Imaam Ibrahim NTAKANYURA). From the walk to remember the ceremony continues at PTS multipurpose hall. In the same hall the continuation starts by lighting the flame of Hope and then an opening prayer by Bishop INCHI MATATA’s.After these prayers, the participants observe a minute of silence in loving memory of the innocent victims of the 

1994 genocide against the Tutsis. The guest of honor and the governor Mrs. Judith KAZAYIRE, the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the fight against Genocide Dr. Jean Damascene BIZIMANA, the Principal of GIP ACP Damas GATARE together with other invitees deposited the wreath to the graves where more than a thousand bodies are put to rest.

The Principal of GIP ACP Damas GATARE , welcomes the guest of honour Mrs. Judith KAZAYIRE, the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the fight against Genocide(CNLG), Dr. Jean Damascene BIZIMANA, The Mayor of Rwamagana District, the representative of the  Commandant of the Police Training School, the Regional Police Commander (RPC) in the Eastern Province among other participants. The principal GIP explains the role of remembering the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis & calls upon the participants to fight against the genocide ideology and stresses on those who attributes the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis other different names like the Rwandan genocide, genocide of Tutsis and moderate Hutus etc .He concludes reminding the theme of the 23rd commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis ”Remember the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, fight against Genocide ideology and build on our progress”.



 The Principal of GIP ACP Damas GATARE welcoming the participants.

After the welcoming remarks of the Principal, the Executive Secretary of the CNLG Dr. Jean Damascene BIZIMANA gives a lecture .The lecture combines two following themes:

  • The characteristics of the Genocide Ideology and the role of Rwandans and the international Community to fight against the Genocide Ideology.
  • The history of the preparation and implementation of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis and the role of leadership in genocide execution well as in national reconstruction after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis.
  • Dr. Jean Damascene explains clearly how the Genocide ideology started right from the colonization period and was planted by the first Republic of Gregoire KAYIBANDA and the second republic of Juvenal HABYARIMANA. He stressed on the two political parties namely: Association pour la promotion sociale de la masse (APROSOMA) translated as the association for the social promotion of the masses founded by Joseph HABYARIMANA GITERA and Partie du Mouvement de l’Emancipation Hutu(PAREMEHUTU) translated as Party of the Hutu Emancipation Movement, which were defending the interest of one part of the population what is the characteristic of a genocide ideology at its early stages. Joseph HABYARIMANA GITERA originating from SAVE in GISAGARA district proclaimed the ten rules of the Hutus on 25/09/1959, and this was a clear real start of the genocide ideology in Rwanda.CNLG                    The Executive Secretary CNLG Dr. J.D. BIZIMANA delivering the lecture.

Gitera in his ten rules of the Hutu compared the relationship with a Tutsi as a leech in the body, a big wound on the leg or pneumonia in the body just to mention a few. Gitera portrayed that killing a Tutsi is safeguarding the national security. Some of Gitera’s rule were a calcature of the 10 commandments to be able to mobilize hatred to the Christian hutus. An example here is where he said “Do not commit adultery with a Tutsi.”

In its publication of December 1990, the Newspaper Kangura updated the ten rules of the Hutus and the two versions of Hutus rules were having as a common part the preaching of hatred. It has to be noted that this Newspaper was printed in the office of president HABYARIMANA.

Dr. BIZIMANA reiterated on the role played by the president of ABATABAZI government Dr. Theodore SINDIKUBWABO who went to Butare to remove Jean Baptiste SINDIKUBWABO from the position of prefect because he has resisted the implementation of genocide which was viewed in the eyes of the destructive President as laziness at work .This prefect who was the only Tutsi Prefet was later killed.Dr. BIZIMANA gave an example of a genocide deniers like Pierre Pean who wrote a book in which he says that in the whole country only 260,000 Tutsis were killed because there were a total of  280,000 Tutsis in the  country.

Dr. Bizimana concluded his educative lecture by the strategies to fight against the genocide ideology among them, teaching the real history of our country, punish those who got involved in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis. He also shows that the culture of impunity led to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis. He also comforts the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis advising them not to be tied by their sad history.In this ceremony, the participants also follow a testimony by Mr Antoine NZARAMBA who shared with them his sad story in the 1994 genocide against Tutsis.


                          Antoine NZARAMBA giving a testimony

The association of the students who survived the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis AERG is represented by Christian BIZIMANA who briefs the participants about the association and its mission. In his remarks, he also he also comforts the Genocide .He also expresses his gratitude towards the Rwanda patriotic Army and any other person who has reminded the AERG slogan “ The future is brighter”


              Christian spoke on behalf of AERG at the national level

In her remarks, the governor of the Eastern Province and the guest of honor Mrs Judith KAZAYIRE recognizes the initiative of Gishari Integrated Polytechnic. She also takes the opportunity to welcome the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the fight against Genocide (CNLG) and thank him for his clear presentation.


                      The guest of honor Mrs Judith KAZAYIRE ,Governor of eastern province


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