This 19th May 2017, Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP) concludes the training of Rwamagana hospital staff on Fire fighting. I32 staff members including medical, paramedical and supporting staff attended this training. The training is offered by GIP professionals in fire fighting. This training is the first of its kind offered to the staff of the above mentioned hospital.

This one day training is offered in shifts as the service rendered to people by the hospital has to continue hence it has been offered in three days to serve the total number of 132 staff members.

The training has been starting with introductory remarks by the Director of Academic Services at Gishari Integrated Polytechnic Mrs. Marie Therese UWIZEYEYEZU who encourages the trainees to follow actively the trainers in order to fully benefit from the training.

The trainers in Fire fighting starts by defining the fire. The trainer explains clearly the three agents that have to be there for the fire to occur namely fuel or material that is attacked by the fire, heat and oxygen.

The trainer attributes the increase of fire outbreaks in the country as a result of the negative side of the development.


The trainees (medical, paramedical and supporting staff members) following a presentation by the trainer during the theoretical part.

The trainer explains clearly the 3 classes of fire according to their causes. These classes are:

  • Class A which is caused by the combustion of organic materials like wood, paper etc.
  • Class B caused by the combustion of flammable liquids such as petrol and paraffin.
  • Class C caused by the combustion of flammable gases.
  • Class D caused by the combustion of   metals like magnesium.
  • Class E which consists of electrical fire.

The trainer informed the trainees that 69% of the fires that occurred in Rwanda were of electrical type. He mentions that the use of sub standard cables and poor installation were the main causes.

The trainees were taught theoretically and practically on how to deal with each class of fire like the class A which is extinguished by water, class B by the foam etc. The trainer told the trainees that 90% of the fire is extinguished by water.


One of the trainee extinguishing fire in a practical session.

The trainees are told that the greatest weapon to fight against Fire is awareness, giving them an example of a security personel who rescued the National Bank of Rwanda/ Rwamagana Branch from being attacked by the fire outbreak because of having acquired the skills in fire fighting. The trainer also tells them that the security personel managed to extinguish that fire at its early stages because the branch had the necessary equipments to fight against fire including even an alarm system.

The trainer Mr Geoffrey KAGUTA, a Kenyan professional firefighter, advises Rwamagana hospital to conduct a Fire risk assessment and plan in order to fight against any possible fire outbreak accordingly.

In her concluding remarks, The administrator Manager of Rwamagana hospital, Mr. Theoneste RUZINDANA expresses his gratitude to Gishari Integrated Polytechnic as an institution that has conducted the training expressing his satisfaction for the service rendered to Rwamagana hospital.

Mr. Ruzindana says Rwamagana hospital will continue to work hand in hand with Gishari Integrated Polytechnic to train their staff. He also says that his institution is going to do the fire risk assessment not only for increasing the safety at the hospital but also to fulfill the requirements for the hospital to be upgraded to another level.

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At Police Training School Gishari, The Firefighting and Rescue basic course intake II was opened officially by the Commandant PTS, on 27th March 2017 and it was officially Closed by Deputy Commandant ACP Damas GATARE, on 19th May 2017


                      Closing ceremony photo

The course began with fifty (50) participants as follow:

  •  35 Rwanda National Police Officers
  •  10 Rwanda Correctional Services Personnel
  •  05 Private Security Companies Agents

Due to the indiscipline cases two trainees from Rwanda National Police were dismissed.

Special trainers from different countries hired by Mugold  Ltd trained the foresaid trainees about different topics as follow

  • Introduction to fire Brigade Rwanda
  • Fire Chemistry
  • Building Construction Emergency Evaluation
  •  Knowledge on Aircraft construction
  • Fire incident command and control
  •  Rescue operations
  •  First aid
  •  Fire presentation

The Deputy Commandant PTS and Ag. Principal GIP ACP Damas GATARE congratulated the trainees who attended the training accurately with discipline although the two were dismissed because of their misconduct. He also advised them to continue with good conduct. He told them that any time the following week there would begin ToT where the trained trainees will also train others so that the skills acquired would be profited by the whole Rwandan society especially the staff of the Institutions from which the trainees came.


The training was conducted in partnership with MINEDUC/WDA, PTS Gishari and GIP.


A delegation from the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) led by Priscilla Makotose (a Police Commissioner  from Zimbabwe, who is currently the highest ranking female Police officer in the United Nations System), this 3rd May, 2017 visits Gishari Integrated Polytechnic (GIP).This delegation is part of the 3  United Nations’ missions in a retreat in Rwanda. The retreat intends to thoroughly study the challenges to peace and security in the countries of their respective missions. Those missions are namely: United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNAMISS) and the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei ( UNISFA).

Using a power point presentation, the Principal ACP Damas GATARE briefs the delegation about GIP.


From left to right Priscilla MAKOTOSE, two members of her delegation, the Principal of GIP  the Vice Principal academics and Training and another member of the delegation.

The Commandant of Gishari Police Training School CP Vianney NSHIMYIMANA accompanies the delegation.


The commandant of GISHARI Police Training school CP. Vianney NSHIMYIMANA (3rd from left) also accompanied the delegation

The Vice Principal Academics and Training Eng. Theodore HABIMANA conducts the delegation to a tour in different workshops including the one of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics technology, Civil Engineering and Masonry.


The Vice Principal Academics and Training in a red tie briefing the delegation in the Mechanical workshop.

Eng. Theodore explains to the delegation, the smart irrigation project, one of the innovations at GIP where sensors detect the soil’s moisture and the electronically based system starts irrigating automatically.


A student from GIP demonstrating an automatic irrigation project (Smart irrigation) to the visitors.

 In the workshop of Electronics, the Vice Principal Academics and Training explains the delegation the automatic traffic lights as one of the project that every student in Electronics has to necessarily master.

The delegation also visits the Civil Engineering Department and gets an opportunity to observe different construction products produced by GIP students in their practice including the doors and windows.

After the tour , the head of the delegation Priscilla MAKOTOSE signs in the visitors’ book appreciating the contribution of the Rwanda National Police through GIP in the following words ”Excellent initiative to empower members with skills and the spirit is 

emulated in the Peace keeping mission areas through Rwanda National Police social responsibilities projects for developing the people of Sudan.”



                                                        Priscilla Makotose signing in the Visitor’s book.









"People who are pursuing their education at different levels need to be taught technical skills and get internships to become competitive on job market. Young people should have a positive attitude towards TVET.”



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